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FVS is designed to support Car Rental, Fleet, and Auto Dealers.

Partnering with Manheim, the system provides instant current and future fleet dollar values.


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This is in addition to other valuable tools that Fleet owners/planners can utilize fleet PROFIT and strong ROI – armed with financial intelligence information.

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Each vehicle in your fleet has the potential to be either an asset or a liability, and striking the right balance is complex and requires careful research, timing, and future projections. In its essence, fleet management is asset management. FVS is designed to do precisely that: Guide you to manage the cars in your fleet to reach financial success. FVS is the only fleet management system on the market that is asset-management based.


Time-saving and results-oriented

Customized solutions


SaaS model



FVS is the only fleet management software that offers a robust engine with mass-volume auto checking capabilities. It is a next-generation software that eliminates the need for tedious manual data entry and processing.


FVS is a valuable software, not just for fleet professionals. It’s designed to serve the needs of auto dealers, wholesalers, car rental operators, and any business that operates a fleet.


FVS offers a modular solution to fleet management. It offers:

  • Accident Claims Management Module to manage value recovery after accidents
  • Reconditioning Module to determine the exact costs of getting vehicles ready to sell
  • Accident Reporting Module that contains accident reporting and offers timely advice and proper documentation tools



FVS provides you with the capability to know the exact value of each car in your fleet. With its summary dashboard, FVS generates a bird’s eye view over your total assets and discloses important fleet figures such as type of ownership percentages, fleet composition, and other
key reports.


FVS’s current market value feature calculates each car’s market value, taking into consideration key factors such as condition, location, make, model, and year. It also discloses retail value and auction value for each vehicle. This report is updated automatically so that fleet managers are always up-to-date and can make informed selling decisions.


FVS’s robust algorithm provides the estimated future market values of each vehicle and for up to 3 years. It considers the age of the car, its condition, and a host of factors that affect future value. With this projection feature, fleet managers can control decisions about the best time to sell a vehicle to maximize profit.


ARS provides you with an easy and efficient
tool to document vehicle accidents. By using ARS, you can expedite the process of accurately obtaining all information needed for claims management companies and insurance agencies.

FVS is unique, industry-specific software

designed with fleet professionals in mind.
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We offer a robust, mass-volume vehicles value capability

FVS reveals the auction, wholesale, retail, and future projected value of each vehicle in your fleet. These values are generated from a robust live data system that updates electronically and provides up-to-date reports.

FVS saves you time and money

FVS saves fleet managers the time and expense of manually entering data and performing calculations. With useful reports and calculators, fleet managers can make the best financial decisions and guide their fleet to generate more income.

We are backed up by reliable data

FVS is backed up by the most reliable data provided by leading research firms such as

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We offer a custom design and customizable reports

FVS is a user-friendly and customizable system. You can customize any FVS report by choosing which data columns to include and which to omit and FVS will tabulate accordingly. In addition, FVS allows users to design reports according to their needs by changing the order of columns and incorporating the data they need to compare and contrast. With FVS, you can easily export any report as an Excel file to facilitate collaborative decision-making and teamwork.